The Baroque structure on Zámecké náměstí in Teplice is consecrated to the patron saint of medicinal springs, John the Baptist. A Dean’s church was built here in 1594 on the foundations of an older church. It was rebuilt in the Baroque style as we know it today in 1703.

The dominant feature of the building is the tower, which was lowered in the middle of the 17th century. Today it is open to the public as a popular site to view the Teplice city centre. An exhibit dedicated to important buildings is located inside. You can also find here the room in which, according to legend, the watchman slept through the great fire that devastated the town.

There used to be a cemetery around the church, though the graves were removed. Today you can find headstones here. The tomb of the Clary-Aldringens is also located under the church in the northern aisle.